13 August, 2008

Comedy Lab


"Thank the Baby Jesus for Channel 4's Comedy Lab, the only real showcase for original comedy on terrestrial television." - The Observer.

Comedy Lab is a late night comedy slot on Channel 4 to provide a showcase for new writers and performers. It takes an original approach to traditional comedy and features experimental pieces that don't fit any of the established entertainment strands.

Ideally, projects will be submitted via a production company - but if you don't have the necessary contacts feel free to submit direct to Channel 4. You'll need a full script and whatever supportive material you can compile - such as artwork, show-reels, cast suggestions and sample content on VHS/DVD.

What you get

The chance to showcase your comic talents to millions of people on national television. What more could you possibly want?

No but seriously, then what?

Having shown your talent to the nation, there's no stopping you. The Comedy Lab has launched the careers of performers including Dom Joly, Peter Kay, and Jimmy Carr with series such as Trigger Happy TV, Phoenix Nights, Los Dos Bros and The Last Chancers. As Jimmy Carr himself says: "The Comedy Lab is godsend for comedians who would never otherwise have a half-hour slot on television. Dom Joly, Peter Kay and myself all owe a lot to the fact that it nurtured our talent at an early stage."


Applications for Comedy Lab's 2009 season are now open
Deadline for applications: 31 October 2008.

Find out more at channel4.com/comedylab

Submit your ideas to:

Comedy Lab,
Channel 4,
124 Horseferry Road,


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Mimi said...

On a related note, did anyone have any success with E4's Radio HaHa competition?