01 July, 2008


"On Tuesday 1st July, ScriptWriter Magazine launches TwelvePoint.com, a website that empowers writers, giving them a professional advantage.

Aimed at established and less-experienced writers, the site features a vast archive of in-depth articles about screenwriting, plus two brand new articles each week, TwelvePoint Buzz, a regular newsletter about who is commissioning what and other industry events of specific relevance to screenwriters. There are template contracts, advice on deal negotiation, ‘scripts wanted’ leads from Inktip and much more. For novelists, there’s a ‘Beginners’ Guide to Screenwriting’, and for screenwriters thinking about writing fiction, you’ll find advice on how to write that novel and get it published.

TwelvePoint.com also hosts a discussion forum, ‘Screenhack’ blogs and various other interactive features to encourage networking. Each member will be able to put up a writer’s CV to tempt the producers and directors roaming the virtual halls of TwelvePoint.com.

Membership costs just £29 a year (as opposed to ScriptWriter magazine’s previous sub of £40pa) but from July1 you can try it FREE for ten days. Visit www.TwelvePoint.com from 1st July to register."

Julian Friedmann

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