14 July, 2008

God's Pottery

This is the first year I've watched Last Comic Standing (airing on Paramount). In previous years I've seen hacks reach the finals and I've been wondering how this happens. I'm still none the wiser as even the quota system doesn't quite explain all the choices. Allegedly, Drew Carey refused to host it because it was rigged.

Anyway, one hack who managed to get through, Esther Ku, eventually got voted out by almost all the other comedian contestants and could choose two other acts to go against her in the elimination round. She chose Iliza Shlesinger who was clearly better than her, if not by much, but had pissed her off by voting for her when she said she wouldn't and added unnecessary bitchy remarks when she thought Ku wouldn't hear them.

Ku also chose the heavenly
God's Pottery. Iliza Does-Little, surprisingly, raised her game enough with a solid set and easily won the audience vote, sending God's Pottery home along with Ku. I think most of the comedians thought God's Pottery might actually win and remain on the show but it wasn't to be.

What was especially good about God's Pottery's stint was their hilarious improv as they remain in character off stage which really wound up the other comedians.
Paul Foot made a comment about how he would love to see them in a sitcom but would rather not live with them.

I'm not sure it's worth watching the rest of the series now they've gone - they should have won. I'm also reluctant to watch because I'm convinced one of the remaining hacks is bound to win. But, I suppose, being annoyed at the results is part of the fun of reality shows.

God's Pottery - official site
Youtube channel
Fan's Youtube channel


Jason Arnopp said...

Hello Sir! Must admit, I watched this vid despite myself, then lasted 'til the final bell! I agree that God's Pottery (like a happy-clappy Dumb & Dumber duo) should've won that bout, though. Jim Tavare was clearly just reeling off some insults he'd prepared earlier, whereas the Pottery brothers were nimbler in the brain department.

Robin Kelly said...

Yes, Jim used his experience well.