24 July, 2008

First 10 Minutes: "Mrs Inbetweeny"

Red Planet Prize Project 8 - The First Ten Pages

"Mrs Inbetweeny", created by Paul Abbott and Caleb Ranson. Written by Caleb Ranson.


Bingethink said...

That was excellent first ten! How come I never saw that? I guess it was part of the recent pilots season on BBC Three. Was it shuffled around because of scheduling issues around one of the other pilots (wasn't one deemed inappropriate for a week or two because of some comtemporary news item??)

Robin Kelly said...

I'm not convinced all the BBC3 pilots were on at a regular time - it's a miracle I managed to get them all at all.

While it was an excellent first ten minutes, I wasn't a fan of the whole thing and couldn't imagine it as a series. Although, obviously, you've got to assume Abbott/Ranson knew what they were doing considering Shameless/Skins.