30 July, 2008

First 10 Minutes: "Lilies"

Red Planet Prize Project 8 - The First Ten Pages

Lilies by Heidi Thomas

My Lilies review

"The Lilies scripts were quite unlike anything I had read before. They were funny, surprising, and made me cry. Above all else, I knew that the Mosses were a family I instantly cared about, and wanted to spend time with. It has a bold, dangerous edge that makes it very modern – the sense that at any moment, the rug might be pulled from under you." Chrissy Skinns, Producer, Lilies Press Pack


Michelle Goode said...

I loved Lilies... The characters were so colourful amidst a troubled backdrop. It was educational/hostorical and yet totally heart-warming. Good stuff!

Robin Kelly said...

I've been waiting for the second series but I have to accept it's been cancelled.

The pilot is the one of the best I've seen. That first ten minutes tells you so much about the family and the world without being obvious.

Michelle Goode said...

Do you know why it's been cancelled? That's an awful shame :( Did it not get enough ratings?

Robin Kelly said...

It was a Sunday night show but it aired on Friday night - traditionally a dead night for drama - and so inevitably the ratings weren't good enough.

There was a huge campaign and the BBC publicly admitted they might have made a mistake but by then Heidi Thomas had moved on to various other projects including Cranford. Which aired on Sunday nights and was a huge hit.