02 July, 2008

AnimateTV 2009

"UK based artists and animators are invited to submit proposals for films to be broadcast on Channel 4 and streamed on 4mations, Channel 4’s new animation website launching September 2008.

We want ambitious, original and thought-provoking proposals that develop the possibilities of animation techniques, and that explore ideas of what animation is, with challenging content, as well as new forms and processes, compelling narratives and challenging content.

We are commissioning three films, and the maximum budget for each is £20,000, including the artist’s fee. Animate Projects will provide you with production and editorial support.

The guidelines are downloadable from the Opportunities section of animateprojects.org. Deadline for applications: 31 July 2008."


This suggests the animator as auteur but "compelling narratives" require storytelling skills. This is great for writer-animators but there may be animators deficient in that particular skillset who are looking for "key collaborators", as the application form calls them.

But rather than wait till animators ask, this may be a chance to be pro-active and contact animators seeing if they want to collaborate. I've already contacted Brad Bird.

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