26 June, 2008

"They Shoot Messengers, Don't They?"


"A collaboration between writers and producers is key to making more TV drama that conveys the feel, taste and choices facing us all, writes David Pearson.

It used to be novels. Now everyone these days thinks they can write a screenplay. You hear pitches on buses, in bars and at dinner tables. "It's sort of Life On Mars crossed with Peep Show but with more killing". But judging from our screens, getting good engaging drama is not so easy.

Next week, Jane Tranter, head of BBC Fiction and one of the most influential decision-makers in the British TV industry, will be speaking on the subject at the Screenwriters' Festival in Cheltenham (1-3 July). She will be joined by ITV's drama head Laura Mackie, who will be encouraging writers and producers to come up with more returning sustainable series, and award-winning writer Barbara Machin, who will discuss the importance of innovation in TV drama in the opening address."

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There are 63 tickets left for the Screenwriters Festival.

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