18 June, 2008

"New writing for theatre"

The Crafty Writer:

"In this fourth session on writing for performance our guest is Jeremy Herrin, who will be chatting to us about New Writing for theatre. Jeremy is Associate Director at Live Theatre in Newcastle upon Tyne as well as running the New Writing department. He has directed productions at the National Theatre, The Royal Court, in the West End and at The Market Theatre in Johannesburg. He has also enjoyed directing short films and radio plays."

"TCW: What is a commissioning director looking for in a new play?

JH: Originality of voice, technical skill, plausibility and relevance to its audience."

Article in full

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Fiona said...

Thanks for linking to my site, Robin, I've just returned the favour. Wow, one can get lost in here! All sorts of little rabbit holes to go down ...