21 June, 2008

"Mad Men" - for your consideration

New York Times:

"When he writes “Mad Men,” he doesn’t sit down and start typing. After a lifetime spent struggling as a student, he has learned to rely on his ear. He creates the show by speaking it out loud, every part. His focus on the characters is laser sharp, and when he discussed them, he was concise and clear."

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I know from the stats that I have a lot of American viewers (Howdy!). Some of you perhaps have a Emmy vote. Here's a subtle hint:

(...although I shan't argue too much should you decide to go for Breaking Bad [meth over madness] - especially Bryan Cranston over John Hamm for leading man. )

Non-Emmy voters in the UK can pick up Mad Men on DVD here and look out for Breaking Bad on FX this year sometime, whenever they feel like showing it.

Season 2 of Mad Men begins on 27 July on AMC and spring 2009 on BBC4/BBC2.

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