24 June, 2008

"Everyone's Getting Hooked on 'Scrooks'!"

PR Web:

Scrook Novels defines the line between "reading" and "Reading Entertainment".

(PRWEB) June 23, 2008 -- Grammy Award Winning songwriter/record producer turned author/screenplay writer, Gerald Isaac, introduces the hottest and newest form of reading entertainment, the "Scrook". A "Scrook" is a script-book written with the riveting and breath taking flow of a novel in screenplay format.

Author and CEO, Gerald Isaac, calls it, "The Virtual Movie", where mind and imagination become the screen as your senses and emotions embark on a heightened surround sound journey fueled by words. It's literally like "reading in HD".

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Bingethink said...

Holy moly. I don't think I'm going to be reading anything "written" by anyone - Grammy award-winning or not - who could mangle the English langauge as much as this:

"For readers short, long, fluent or not so fluent, "SCROOK" NOVELS will be the transcending common thread amongst story lovers of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures alike. You'll become a part of a new era and a growing mass reading audience (The "SCROOK" focus group) watching us as we make the transition from SCROOK to SCREEN."


terraling said...

curious about format but there are no sample pages on scrooknovels.com, and on amazon.com there is no possibility to search inside these.

Given the lengths we writers go to to come up with rich compelling stories etc. and how long the odds are of said stories ever seeing the light of day on screen, rewriting in novel form seems a viable alternative. This looks a bit gimmicky.