01 June, 2008

Back Up Your Files Day

It's the first of the month which means it's Back Up Your Files Day.

This means ensuing that our Sharps and Bruntwood entries are not just on our hard drives but on our external hard drives, USB sticks, or emailed to our webmail accounts.

I thought I'd flag up
Click - "the BBC's flagship technology programme", just in case you were unaware of it.

The main item of the last programme was about how to get technical support with computer problems, ranging from asking on forums for free to coughing up the dosh for someone to come out to solve it for you.

A print version of this item is on the website but I think the show is worth downloading and watching in full. Each week.


Don't delay, do it today. It's Back Up Your Files Day, hooray!

How to decide what data to back up

Back up manually or use Windows XP Backup utility

How to choose an external storage format for backup files

Mac OS X: How to back up and restore your files

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flavius said...

I use TitanBackup to backup my important files on an external HDD.

Give it a try for free at: http://www.titanbackup.com/download.html