08 May, 2008

Sharps FAQ

BBC writersroom:

Should I send a medical drama? Not necessarily - we want writers to explore 'health' in its broadest possible terms and are keen to see writers tackle the subject with originality and a fresh perspective. So use your imagination – be bold, be surprising, and make sure you put strong, engaging characters at the heart of your idea.

I’ve had a 10 minute short on TV, can I apply? If you have no previous TV network broadcast credits above 15 minutes in length, then you are eligible to apply.

Can I apply if I live overseas and do I need to be British? You don't need to be British but you can only apply if you are currently resident in the UK and Eire.

I turn 18 in the summer, can I apply? You must be 18 or over on the 28 July 2008 to be eligible.

Can I send more than one entry? No, only one submission per writer – we prefer you to focus your attention on one script.

Can I email my script? No, you must send a hard copy through the post to Sharps at the BBC writersroom address, together with a printout of our online application form. If you wish us to return your script after the selection process, you should also enclose an SSAE.

Do I simply send in a script? No, you must also complete the online application form and attach it to your script, making sure we have your name and contact details. The online application form will be available next week.

What kind of drama should I send? You can send a single, one-off drama or the first episode of a proposed series/serial – but you should still aim to tell a self-contained story in your script, even if it is designed to have further potential episodes.

Can I send a comedy? We are not looking for sitcom submissions – but comedy-drama is fine, and we are delighted to see work which displays a sense of humour and a light touch.

What should the script look like? It must be legibly typed, formatted and printed single-side A4. The best script format to use is classic film/television screenplay, which is roughly one page per minute. See our script formats page for more details.

How long should it be? Using classic screenplay format, it should be between 30 to 35 pages in length.

When is the deadline? Noon, Monday 16 June. We will accept scripts postmarked up to and including the 14 June.

What will happen next? A team of readers will sift the first 10 pages of all eligible scripts. A longlist of sifted scripts will then be given a full read. Longlisted scripts will be discussed at a consultative meeting and a shortlist of twenty writers will then be invited to the masterclass/workshop day on Monday 30 June 2008. If you are shortlisted and wish to be considered for the subsequent July residential, then you must attend the masterclass/workshop day. At the masterclass/workshop, we will introduce writers to BBC drama and run creative sessions to help us in the selection process. Subsequently, we will select eight writers for the final July residential.

When will I hear news about my submission? Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by Monday 23 June 2008. Successful applicants will be invited to the final residential by Monday 7 July 2008.

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dwlt said...

Just because I couldn't find it anywhere else on the site, I asked them about script binding. Apparently loose, paperclipped or round-head fasteners are all fine.