26 May, 2008


The Starving Artist

In the unlikely event you haven't read this yet, then might I humbly suggest you get over to Phill's, pronto, and do so forthwith? The rest of the page will be here when you get back.


Gorn ... my dream of being an EastEnder

Catherine Johnson on being turned down after trial scripts.


Casualty Casualty

Writer's Academy student Paul admirably shows a lack of ego and manages to see the positive side of his disappointing Casualty experience.



Amanda gives her tips on how to take notes and also links to Holly Lisle's article How to Tell Who WON'T Make It in Writing (and How Not to Be That Writer which is a bit novelist orientated but worth reading.



Blake Snyder has a logline competition, deadline 1 June 2008. The prize is copies of his books. If only I had review copies. If only, if only, if only... (At least I'm not ashamed that I have no shame)


Danny Strong interview

You may recall him as an actor from Buffy and Gilmore Girls but he recently wrote a TV movie for HBO about the election Bush stole from Gore which probably didn't work out t0o well in the end, all things considered. I'm spending way too much time at The Kos and The Huff reading about the current election, I'm going to have to use it as "research" for something.


The Drama Before the Drama

Jennica uses Cloverfield as an example of character-driven action - although the comments show that there will always be people who just want to watch special effects.


What is the difference between a situation and a story?

Julie Grey explains and it's that crucial character-driven thing again:

"A situation is that I walk into a bank and it gets robbed. A story is it is being robbed by an inept man who needs the money for his lover's sex-change operation. A situation is I cover for my dragon-lady boss while she's away. A story is I cover for her, I do better than her, her boyfriend takes a shine to me and then she comes back, furious. A situation is I decide to put my child up for adoption. A story is that the couple adopting starts to fall apart from the inside out and meanwhile my due date is coming up fast. A situation is I decide to escort a criminal to the train station. A story is when his gang is close on my heels and then he escapes."

UK TV indie exec Nicola Shindler actually explained it in a similar way here, years ago.


What Does Your Audience Want?

MaryAn: "Do you know what your reader expects from you when he picks up your screenplay? Can you be unpredictable without being erratic? Can you be erratic without seeming accidental? Screenwriting lessons come from the most unlikely places. The latest? Don't laugh. Wrestling. Go right ahead and roll your eyes but there are real and effective object lessons in our everyday lives. All we have to do is watch audiences, not just in movie theatres, but wherever we go."


Indy in Peril: An Action-Scene Breakdown

With a hat-tip to Laura who considers this scene from Raiders one of the best action sequences ever filmed.

Indy 4 will be loved by millions and earn billions but really? I mean, really? That's the ending? It makes no fracking sense, for frackity frack's sake!



Dom shares his 10-draft plan.


What happens when a toad gets hit by lightning?

Tom looks at how a funny line on the page became a sucky line on the soundstage.


The Art of Screenwriting: Dialogue and Description


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