26 May, 2008

International Screenwriting Award - Irish only



The Dublin International Film Festival in association with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (Ireland) have come together to recognise the centrality of the writer to the filmmaking process in a brand new screenwriting award, Write Here, Write Now.

“Ireland is rightly famed world wide for its storytelling ability – and for its love of cinema.The Dublin International Film Festival’s innovative work is vital to the growth and development of writers and filmmakers in Ireland. The Walt Disney Studios have shot many fine films in Ireland. We have also acquired and distributed many Irish-originated films, which gives us particular pleasure in the Irish office. In teaming with DIFF, WDSMP Ireland is happy to have found a new and exciting way to further encourage quality Irishscreenwriting and filmmaking with this award”. Trish Long, Vice President & General Manager. WDSMP

This substantial award will acknowledge and support the creation of original and innovative scripts, through a combination of development funding, as well as extensive promotion withinthe film industry.

The winning script will receive a cash prize of €7,500 / $12,000.


The competition is open to all Irish born writers / Irish citizens / Irish residents. Unproduced feature length scripts only. Writers must be over the age of 18 and there is a limit 2 script per writer or writing team. Applicants must notify Dublin International Film Festival if their script becomes optioned or sold, while under consideration for the competition.

Submissions will be accepted between July 7th and September 19th 2008.

An entry fee of €100* (about £80 ) per script submitted must accompany each application.

pdf application form

Word application form

* Note: This makes it twice as expensive to enter than any other competition I've ever seen - including all the American ones. Plus you get no feedback and there's no email option so add the cost of sending three copies through the post.


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Lady Muck said...

The organisers have "come together to recognise the centrality of the writer to the filmmaking process" by sponging 80 quid from their wallets. Can't they see it's outrageous? Big sigh.

Lucy said...


They have STOLEN my blog name, I will ensure they are all sued forthwith for the megabucks they are getting in entry fees, which I will then redistribute to the poor screenwriters, Robin Hood style.

PS. And for the record, I think the likes of Bluecat offer good value for money: you get good feedback and as a Brit pay effectively half price since the pound kicks the dollar's ass. Final Draft don't offer feedback, but enter early and you get a nice and useful magazine. Can't grumble.

Chip Smith said...

I'm not Irish, but I would NEVER spend £80 on an entry fee for a competition that offered diddly squat in return!

I wonder if this is the record for the most expensive competition ever?

Robin Kelly said...

Lucy, oh I wish that wasn't just an amusing joke and you really did sue them and they really did have to cough up.