14 May, 2008

"Intelligent Screenplay Development"

Filmmaker Magazine:

"Recently I was talking to the script readers in my production office about script reading and development and remembered an article we published years ago by filmmaker and former development exec Barbara Schock. It was a great piece that looked at the screenplay development process with a critical eye, examining why the traditional method so often fails to generate great work. Along the way she offered a series of sensible tips on how to make that process better.

I went home and rummaged through my old issue of Filmmakers trying to find it and then thought to try the web. And there it was for me so here it is again for you: Barbara Schock on Intelligent Screenplay Development."


Far Away said...

Wow such a brilliant article. Just what I needed to read right now. Thanks Robin!

potdoll said...

Me too Far Away! Cheers Robin me duck!

Robin Kelly said...

Yes, it is required reading for everyone - not just developers but writers.

It explains so much about what's wrong with the industry but offers solutions as well.

Anonymous said...

great article, thanks for digging it up