08 April, 2008


Scripped Writer

An innovative, easy to use screenwriting software for all writers.
Start writing your screenplay for free today!

Scripped Writer is a free web-based script writing software application you can use right in your web browser. Unlike other screenwriting software, Scripped Writer is built specifically with the needs of the writer in mind. That means it has all the functionality you need without the clutter of features you'll never use.

No installation required.

With a browser based web application you can use Scripped Writer without downloading software and installing it on your machine. Just like Google Docs®, you can use Scripped Writer from any computer with an internet connection. Simply log in to your Scripped user account and get to writing.

A software for all writing levels.

Whether you are an experienced screenwriter, a student, or just a beginner our screenwriting software has everything you need to write, save, and format your script to industry standards. Plus, with Scripped Writer's free-flow writing environment you never have to break from the story to format the text. Scripped Writer even helps you choose the right format for each element. And it all happens instantly, in real time, as you write.

Create and manage your scripts online.

Start a new script, create new drafts of an existing script, and manage your script details from your Scripped account. Because everything is online, you don't have to worry about managing or traveling with documents on your personal computer, work computer, or flash drive. All your scripts, drafts, and information are easily accessible no matter what computer you are using. Plus, Scripped Writers unique script and draft versioning system allows you to track your progress as you move through the writing process.


I posted Zhura's press release and Ryan of Scripped got in touch to point out that:

"While Zhura has more community features than we do, our writing application is a bit more fluid and offers a paginated writing view, where Zhura's merely scrolls."


Dan said...

Scripped looks very interesting. I'm a big fan of stuff like this. No more expensive software to buy and everything open-source. That's the way computing should be.

I already create (or upload if it's old documents on my hard-drive) everything using Google docs so I can access my work anywhere without having my laptop weighing me down. And the beauty of it is that you can collaborate with others by having joint access. Hands across the world!

Of course, I still back up onto flash drives but the thought of a laptop breakdown (or theft) always leaves me cold. Having your work stored elsewhere just makes sense and is a lot easier on the pocket.

Robin Kelly said...

I did actually give this a go and it's lovely but although you can save to pdf you can't save to rtf.

I was told that they do regular back-ups and there's no chance of you losing your script but that extra flexibility would have been nice.

Phill Barron said...

How do you work on a train with an online program?

Robin Kelly said...

I think Virgin offers free wi-fi but I don't know how reliable it is.

That's why I asked them about the rtf file, as you'd be able to swap between Scripped and Final Draft as you want.

Dan said...

I think Phill means how do I work without my laptop with me. Well, I ask anyone on the train if they'd mind me using their laptop for a few hours. And smile nicely.