13 April, 2008

Moviescope magazine

If you haven't seen Moviescope before, it's a glossy 82 page full colour magazine "by filmmakers, for filmmakers".

While I was interested in the writing articles, I didn't think I would be so interested in what the other film-makers had to say
but it's a collaborative medium and it's useful to know what the issues are for the whole industry and what's involved with other crafts and services.

There hasn't been a duff issue yet and I'd even recommend getting the back issues (if they're not sold out) but should the fiver price tag be putting you off, I'll just go through the contents of the latest one, page by page, so you can see if it's worth it or not:


Consisting of property pick-ups, casting news, industry and festival news.


Report from the Rotterdam film festival

Has interesting insights on why some independent films fail.


A distributor's tale

Very interesting article from a member of the unsung heroes, independent distributors.


Ron Oliver

The writer-director tells his story including how he sold his first script for peanuts in a non-union contract but it ended up making the producers millions. And also how this script ended up being worth more than money.


Cosgrove Hall's Managing Director

An interview with the animation head, including discussion on Save Kids TV


The Band's Visit

A feature on this award winning film and the hassle it has had for humanising both Israelis and Arabs. "This script took ages to complete. I was stuck with it for years. I was constantly trying to push it to more dramatic ends."


Blake Snyder

The Save the Cat author in an extensive interview: "I think story requirements are a good thing - something that makes us resonate, that we all have to pay attention to as writers. That doesn't stop you from making each story your own."


John Krasinski

The actor dude from The Office and new release Leatherheads is interviewed about that and the film he wrote during the TV show's recent lay-off.


John Sayles

I met the man and we had a nice long chat after a screening in Birmingham. It was inspiring. For him, I wasn't too fussed. Here, the legend is interviewed about new movie Honeydrippers. (not The Spiderwick Chronicles)


Mark Waters

This is the main cover story and the director is interviewed about the awesome Spiderwick Chronicles and the intro to this explains about the story decisions Sayles made. The interview proper covers special effects and child actors. Embarrassingly I didn't realise a) Freddie Highmore was British and b) he played both the brothers until I saw him interviewed after the film. I'd like to think it was due to Highmore being the best young actor in a generation and not due to me being incredibly thick.


Bill Martell

An article by the cool guru explaining that structure isn't a rope tying our creativity but is what ties the story together.


Orion Williams

Control producer dude reflects on his journey and explains the sacrifices he made to get the film made.



I keep meaning to do a crowd-surfing article now I don't have to. Sweet.


Adrian Mead

Just a little interview with the guru about his low budget film-making.


Bill Martell

Yes, more wisdom dispensed. It's all about stakes, apparently. "A film needs global stakes or personal stakes".


Richard Sherman

The musical legend in interview. You've probably never heard of him but he's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


Garth Jennings

The writer-director of the very brilliant Son of Rambow in interview. "Don't give up. You've just got to do your thing and try to enjoy it as much as you can."


DV Filmaking

An article about how you needn't be confined to within four walls. With examples that have worked.



An editor dude is interviewed about his craft. "I sit down to focus on each scene as it is its own 'little movie' with a beginning, middle and end. I'm obsessive about looking for what exactly is needed to deliver that scene's meaning." Which echoes what Lavandier says in his book.



Another article but a general one about the state of play. The pull quote is my mantra and too often ignored: "Filmmakers need to learn about the marketing elements as part of the creative process of filmmaking."


Writers Strike overview

By Rick Drew, that's who.


Catherine Breillat

The cool but controversial filmmaker talks about her career and latest film. "For Romance if the number of people who said they hated the film had actually seen it, we'd be billionaires!"


Derek Yee

The Hong Kong triple threat, familiar from actioners is profiled.


Animated documentaries

Yes, that's right, like Animated Minds


Andy Conway

The Screenwriters Network editor has the last word "You are a writer and it feels like you are at war with the film world".


So it's a fiver every two months from Borders, Foyles and "leading newsagents nationwide".

Or subscribe for £20.79 and you get 6 issues a year plus a CD of 850 screenplay pdfs or something from The Dialogue interview series on DVD.


potdoll said...

sounds great. will pay borders a visit and have a peek.

Robin Kelly said...

Speaking of child actors, as we were, in the Garth Jennings interview he says the kids in Son of Rambow had never acted before which astonished me as they were so brilliant.

Veronica G said...

It's a brilliant magazine!! Very interesting insider's POVs...