10 April, 2008

ICWP Mother-Daughter Monologue Project 2008

ICWP Mother-Daughter Monologue Project 2008

I flagged this up on International Women's Day but Fara managed to find the full details which are linked above.

The deadline is 15 April 2008 but it only requires 1-10 pages. There's no cash prizes but you get to feature in an anthology which is something to add to your CV or impress your mates down the pub or tell your grandchildren about.

I especially like that they include the selection criteria, which includes the following:

"Relative Completeness of the Monologue (does it feel like a whole and complete theatrical unit?)"

In other words, does it have a beginning, middle and end. It's easy to just have somebody rambling on about their mother or daughter but I think even monologues need some kind of structure, however minimal.

I reckon it's ideal for a writing exercise in that we can think about the characters and structure in the day-job and then write it over the weekend. Good luck.

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