12 April, 2008

Doctor Who tonight

Jimmy has a Doctor Who tonight at 6:45pm and RTD says of it in an interview:

"The Pompeii episode is so ambitious that we had a script that was easier to film standing by, in case someone turned round and said, 'This is impossible.' The whole thing was terrifying, and a nightmare to film, but that’s what makes it good in the end. It’s a glorious episode.’

I feel I should say something about Torchwood as regular readers will remember my disappointment in the first series.

I saw the list of writers for the second series, which included
Jimmy, and knew the production wasn't rushed this time so I gave it another go.

With the first series I only liked one episode (by Toby Whithouse of the much talked about Being Human pilot). In the second series I liked ten episodes.

I think there's a slight chance
Torchwood might be repeated at some point in the future (keep your eyes peeled just in case you miss it) and so it's worth checking it out if you weren't a fan of the first series. There was earned emotion and consequences.


Lucy said...

Totally agree, Robbie.

I liked NO episode in the first series of Torchwood, though there were a couple of elements I enjoyed like when Gwen's boyf was killed.

In the second series, I too enjoyed ten - I didn't like the soldier from WW2 ep much because I thought the direction lacked pace and the bookending of the future didn't work as it essentially gave the whole game away and made it lack jeopardy. I also did not like the circus episode as I thought the dialogue was bone-crunchingly on the nose, the repetition of "They came in out of the rain" in particular.

James' episode was one of the jewels in the crown natch, but my actual fave was the memory guy episode - that alien who made them all believe he was a member of Torchwood. I even felt sorry for him when he was fading away as they forgot him. Fantastic.

Robin Kelly said...

Those two were on my list as well.

The WW1 one was at least much better than the epi from the first season by the same writer, to be positive.

The circus one was a good premise but it seemed to go through hoops to be relevant to the Torchwood universe and didn't quite succeed.