14 April, 2008

Deadlines Calendar

The Deadlines calendar on my website has been blank for a couple of years as I forgot all about it as I was going to find an integrated version instead like I'd enviously seen on other websites but then someone on Shooting Screenwriters mentioned how good Google Calendar was.

So I have switched to Google's version from the rubbish ad-laden calendar I was using and started updating it again. I've put on all the deadlines from my blog (and selected others from sites including Lianne's, Moviebytes, BBC writersroom, Script and Writernet).

I've also done a bit of forward planning into 2009 so I'm not surprised at competitions being announced and panicking - even though they are announced at the same time every bloody year.

Of course something like this doesn't end panicking completely as now I want to enter everything but don't have enough time or money (Reminds me of a stag weekend in Amsterdam once). But I'm trying to be realistic and selective. Priority goes to the free ones and then to prestigious ones that offer feedback. I then prioritise my interests. I'm not too fussed about shorts for example but I would love to win a major feature one.

I actually resented being forced to join Google when they bought out Blogger but they are clever bastards. It's getting like most of the time I spend on the web now is with a Google interface of some kind in addition to Blogger such as YouTube, Search, Mail, Reader, Docs and now Calendar.
Even in beta, Google Calendar is lovely. You can synchronise to Outlook, iCal, Treo and Thunderbird and also get sent reminders. Although there is an annoying bug at the moment that means if you edit your entry, the hyperlink vanishes and you have to re-enter it.

Once you've joined, search the public calendars for "Writing for Performance", and then add it to your own calendar. That's another thing that's quite clever in that you see just the one calendar but each different one has colour coded entries.

This is the direct link for the calendar (which is also on the right at the top):

Writing for Performance Calendar

and embedded on my tragically old fashioned website as usual:

Writing for Performance Deadlines

Best of Google Calendar - Add-ons and Tips


TonyB said...

This is fantastic Robin, well done!
I merged your calendar with mine easily, what a clever system Google is.

Did you work with Lianne to get all the info? Her competition lists over the past year have been invaluable.

Can I be really cheeky and suggest a refinement to the calendar? Given that the majority of us are skint/skinflints it would be great to be able to search using the word 'free' and see all the free competitions listed instantly.

I've just tested it and it's easy to set up - you put the word 'free' somewhere in the description box of each free competition, that's it!

In order to search, once your calendar has been added to theirs the user types 'free' in the search box, selecting 'my calendars' - all the events with the word 'free' in them will be listed.

You can refine the search by going into search options and highlighting the 'Writing for Performance' calendar only.

May the God of Script (Russell T. Davies) shower blessings upon you! ;)

Robin Kelly said...

Thanks Tony.

Although Lianne's and my list share a lot of things, the calendar isn't a replacement for her list as she does events and courses as well.

Plus I'm not including every contest she finds and vice versa. Hopefully, between the two of us, most things will be covered.

I was thinking of adding the entry fee but that seemed like too much hard work. Adding 'free' is doable though.

And I must be an atheist ;-)

Jason Arnopp said...

Oh yes, I'm now loving both the highly handy Google Calendar and your work, Mr Kelly! Have added your calendar. Top notch.

Robin Kelly said...

Cheers, Jase.

Rach said...

You really do have dates into 2009! Big thanks. I'll now sit down and start prioritising.

Robin Kelly said...

I've just added a few more, mostly theatre including the major Warehouse one at the end of June. So should I not make the Brentwood for some reason, it's not so bad as I have two weeks and another one to aim for.

Of course there are those who don't need deadlines to keep them motivated but they can just go and ...do lots of rude and physically difficult things to themselves.


Fantastic Robin, as always!

Very generous, yet again, of you share all this with us.

Keep up the good work and the very best of luck with all your entries!

Robin Kelly said...

Thanks Sheiky. I think sharing's good - as I said to my best friend when he caught me in bed with his wife.

Lianne said...

Thanks for this Robin, the google calendar is great. I'm thinking of retiring my list now and letting you do all the work!

Robin Kelly said...

Thanks Li, the hard work's mostly been done - by basing it on your hard work!

It's really just new competitions and initiatives that need adding and anyone can still post them to their own blogs as they find it and/or give it to me to add to the calendar.

Or they can keep it to themselves so they have better odds when they enter, but that's so not cool, man.

Lee said...

Fandabbydozie! Good work, Robin.

Robin Kelly said...

Cheers, Lee.

Far Away said...

Yes great stuff!

Robin - please drop by and fill out my scriptwriter blog survey - only 10 questions - takes less than a minute. Totally anonymous. Ta.

Robin Kelly said...

Cheers Fara, I've filled in the questionnaire.

Far Away said...