05 April, 2008

David S. Cohen, author, "Screen Plays "

Vanity Fair: "A new book, Screen Plays (HarperCollins), tells the stories of how 25 different films made it from the idea stage to the screen. It’s a great read for screenwriters, for anyone with screenwriting ambitions, or for anyone who has sat in a theater wondering, “How did this piece of crap get made?”

It seems no matter how big a name you have a screenwriter, you’ll get beaten up by the process.
I think there’s no such thing, with the possible exception of Charlie Kaufman, as a big-name screenwriter in that sense. The screenwriter is never treated as the story expert. The cinematographer is treated as the lighting expert, and the costume designer is treated as the clothing expert, but the screenwriter is never treated with that kind of deference and respect. Everybody else thinks they can do the screenwriter’s job better."


potdoll said...

looks like a temping (and depressing) read. You going to buy it Robbie?

Robin Kelly said...

The screenwriter side of me might be depressed but the movie geek side of me would love it.