02 April, 2008

4Talent Awards

4Talent Awards

What are the Awards for?

Part of 4Talent's purpose is to act as talent spotters - not for toothy wannabes in a saccharine-sweet variety show way, but for the people who'll be providing Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, 4Radio and channel4.com with original, challenging, ground-breaking, risk-taking, intelligent and entertaining content in the future.

But we're also serving the wider industry: the independent companies that help British creative media lead the world, and without whom Channel 4 couldn't exist. Across 20 categories the 4Talent Awards tip exciting individuals with the potential to make a difference, as judged both by commissioners and the producers who supply them.

What's in it for the winners?

First of all, you're being judged by the people who could be commissioning you in future - you'll be firmly on their radar.

Secondly, besides a rather fetching trophy and champagne-fuelled awards ceremony, you'll also receive a full-spread interview and photoshoot in the November issue of 4Talent magazine, and a nationwide press push backed by Channel 4.

What are the entry criteria?

Specific requirements for each category are outlined below; detailed briefs from our judges will be revealed over the coming weeks.

The main restriction is that all entrants must be under 30 on 31/12/2008. These are 'new talent' awards, and while we fully accept and understand that anyone could come fresh to a creative profession when considerably older than 30, capping entries with an upper age limit helps us to compare them as fairly as possible.

There's no minimum age limit, but you'll be judged on track record so will need to have some quality work to show us!

All entrants must also:

1) Complete the online form below

  • Ask someone for a 100-word reference. This could be from a fellow creative who admires your work, an employer who'll back you as an individual, or a client who's been blown away by what you've created for them.
  • Include website(s) and/or links to further work wherever possible. This could be your personal site, a showreel on YouTube, MySpace profile, Facebook group or anything that helps give us the bigger picture.
* AND *

2) Send any supporting material BY POST
FAO: Helen Byrne, 4Talent Awards, Units 1&4 Progress Works, Birmingham B9 4AL.

  • An up-to-date CV
  • A one-page self-sell, outlining the projects you're most proud of and clearly identifying your role in each of them. A 4Talent Award recognises you as a creative talent to watch and will take all the work you submit into account.
  • Video, audio and/or other assets as outlined for each category
Why post? We can't process hundreds of emails with big audio and video attachments. If everything we require is available online (on your personal site, YouTube etc), please indicate this on the below form and supply all required links. Any queries, please drop us a line at 4talent@channel4.co.uk.What are the categories?

For last year's 4Talent Awards, we simmered hundreds of entries across the whole creative spectrum into a final 20.

This year, things are different: you'll need to pitch yourself in one specific category. If you'd be confident entering several then we'd suggest the Multitalented Award; if you don't fit into any of them but are unstoppably creative in some other field - illustration, fashion design, fine art or experimental dance, say - there's always the enigmatic Wildcard Award.

3) Dramatic Writing

Playwriting and screenwriting for stage, film and TV (not radio - see Off-Air Radio category)
Required: up to 3 scripts + 50 word synopses

6) Comedy Writing

Stage, film and TV (not radio - see Off-Air Radio category)
Required: up to 3 scripts + 50 word synopses

7) Comedy Performance

Stand-up, film and TV (not radio - see On-Air Radio category)
Required: video showreel (up to 10min)

14) Innovation

Exciting, original, ground-breaking approaches to creative media
Required: any relevant supporting assets for your project(s)

15) Multi-platform

Producers who successfully span several media in their projects
Required: any relevant supporting assets for your project(s)

16) Animation

Required: up to 3 full animations (any length)
Optional: video showreel (up to 10min)

19) Multi-talented

For those who excel in two or more creative fields
Required: a selection of your work across at least two disciplines

20) Wildcard

Covers any creative field that's not outlined above
Required: any relevant supporting assets to demonstrate your work

More detailed criteria and individual judges will be revealed over the coming weeks, so please check back for more information about each category.

What's the deadline?

Both your completed online form and any posted supporting materials must be received by 5pm on Friday 29 August 2008 - you can deliver it by hand if necessary! Any material received after this date will not be considered.

The 20 winners will be notified by 31 October 2008.


adsense said...

Under 30? Sod them.

Didn't they read the survey that proved successful writers are over 50?

(which means I'm very nearly successful, only 6 months to go.)


Lucy said...

No way Stevo!

You is like, well old ; )

Robin Kelly said...

But I do like the way they get around the age thing: "capping entries with an upper age limit helps us to compare them as fairly as possible." It's nonsense of course but they at least made the effort to lie to all of you people over 30.