04 March, 2008

"Why I blog"

Writers Guild of Great Britain:

Helen Smith reflects on her first year online

"While some writers might be attracted to blogging as a way of advertising their talents and increasing awareness of their name on the internet, others will worry that it might cheapen or at the very least dilute the value of what they have to offer by giving away for free what they would otherwise expect to be paid for."


Helen's blog is vital - in both senses of the world - giving, in particular, a witty and useful state of play of British theatre.


Helen Smith said...

Hey there - thanks for the link and the kinds words.

Actually your blog is pretty vital for the information and write-ups/reviews. In fact I think it is the first one I ever came across with all this kind of useful information together all in one place.

So keep up the good work - it's appreciated.

Helen xx

Robin Kelly said...

Thanks Helen.