16 March, 2008


Guillemots - "Get Over It"

The Birmingham band return with an awesome song that I just can't get out of my head. It's out tomorrow and if it doesn't get to number one, I'll eat my hat. OK, it's a hat made out of marzipan but I hate marzipan.


Envy & Other Sins - "Highness"

I got hooked, against all my instincts, on a reality show where unsigned bands vied for a record contract. These Brummies were kicked off by the judges due to not doing so well in a non-music task, being interviewed, but were voted back by the public and went on to win. You can tell the record company wanted Revenue to win as they were more commercial and poppy. They had a cocky attitude and I suspect neutrals voted against them. This debuted at 65 in charts but it's the album sales that count.


Both those bands are on Polydor which allows embedding. Let's think in language a record company can understand. All it takes is one person reading this to buy one single and they make a profit. It makes sense that the less clicks - or obstacles in place - needed to get a customer to sample a product, the better.

A couple of weeks ago, I embedded an unmentionable band's video and said where you could buy the brilliant single. The embedded version of the video was removed by the record company so I removed any reference to the band. That may seem petty but it's the principle.

Now you can download that single for free this week at
Bebo. Bloody Bebo! Which is going to help promote a band's career more, being on my blog with hundreds of influential and intelligent visitors a day or on Bebo with a few zitty Skins fans? The label? EMI. You might have heard about their massive business problems in the news.

I have been unable to plug my favourite single and album of the year so far because Columbia has the same stupid attitude.

Sir Graham of Linehan has linked to the band although he also despairs at the idiocy of the anti-embedding policy. He talks about it here, as another brilliant unmentionable band have sudddenly disallowed embedding. That band's on Columbia as well. OK, I know what you're thinking, "But you've just linked to Graham's links, so it's the same thing, you prat". No it isn't, my principles still stand.

Record industry's 20 biggest, stupidest mistakes
(via Boing Boing)

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