07 March, 2008

New Web-Based Screenwriting Software

Zhura Invites Writers to Join the Web 2.0 Revolution With Web-Based Screenwriting Software

-- Until now, screenwriters have been left behind, forced to rely on increasingly outdated software, while the world around them migrates to the revolution of 2.0 Web-based technology.

-- To write professional-grade scripts in industry standard format, writers have been restricted in their options of costly packaged or downloadable screenwriting software that only offer basic functionality, preventing any collaborative script writing or sharing with others.

-- Writers must shoulder the responsibility of downloading their own software and constantly backing up their data, always fearing the loss of files and content.

-- Zhura is the only Web-based screenwriting tool and community where writers of all levels can choose to work privately on projects, collaborate in private with their friends or collaborate with the global public community, all for free.

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