27 March, 2008

Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharaoh , writersroom event

BBC writersroom:

On Monday 14 April the BBC writersroom is pleased to present a Q&A with Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharaoh of Monastic Productions.

They'll talk about their work including Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, and upcoming series Bonekickers in a Q&A session with Kate Rowland, BBC Creative Director of New Writing. You'll also have a chance to ask them your own questions.

The event will take place on Monday 14 April from 5pm - 6.15pm at the Soho Theatre in London, and tickets are free.

Soho Theatre 21 Dean Street London W1V 6NE To add your name to the guest list email writersroom@bbc.co.uk.


Lucy said...

I'll be there. Will you Robino?

Robin Kelly said...

Unfortunately not on that date, Luce. Unless they want to move it for me. (Yes, that was a hint if anyone from the writersroom is reading this.)