23 March, 2008


How to Handle Rejection

Lozenge has a form letter for us all to use, which might just work...


And Don't Even Get Me Started On The Standard Of Parenting In Coronation Street

John Soanes hilariously, and usefully, dissects dialogue in EastEnders.

By the way I was forced to watch Easties and Corrie at Xmas and surprisingly I'm still finding the time for Corrie. Easties put me off when the incriminating video was playing in front of everyone and the bloke featured in it looked for the remote control to stop it, couldn't find it, shrugged and decided to just let it keep playing INSTEAD OF JUST SWITCHING IT OFF AT THE MACHINE. They've used that story beat for their love triangles more than once over the years and that was the least convincing.


Adaptation: What A Publisher Says

Lucy gives encouraging news from her adaptation workshop: writers seeking rights isn't a waste of time after all. I knew writers could option but I just assumed everything was snapped up at galley proof stage by the studios.


Beat Sheet

Potsy posts a sweet beat sheet template which although familiar in a lot of respects emphasises theme and visuals which tend to be neglected.


Don't Look Back

Alex Epstein gives some advice for Script Frenzy


Write What You Know

English Dave justifies what we do


Spitting on Expectations (Expectorations)

How do you make things clearer without dumbing down and being too obvious? Lady Jane (and Crafty Alex) explain.


How to explain quantum mechanics

John August discusses taking the exposition thing into more difficult territory


The Case AGAINST Character Arcs

Mystery Man: "to say that every protagonist in every story must have a character arc is madness, my friends. It's a two-faced lie from the pits of hell." I guess it's no mystery which man has just been given character notes he disagrees with...


Goals, Motivation & “Use The Force, Luke”

Joshua James uses the Star Wars franchise to explain and explore setting goals for characters


Hugo Awards Nominations

Props to Jane Goldman and Matt Vaughn for their Stardust nom. They battle with Enchanted, The Golden Compass, Heroes and Harry Potter in the the long drama category.

In the short drama category Stephen Moffat and Paul Cornell were nommed for their Doctor Who eps and Catherine Treganna for a season 1 Torchwood. Making up the numbers were Battlestar Galactica's Razor movie and Star Trek: Phase II (an online subscription series).

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