30 March, 2008

Getting Writing Done: How to Stop Thinking About It and Write


"If you’ve researched your topic, you understand your audience and you know what you want to say, then moving to action and starting to write should be utterly straightforward and require no particular effort. Right?

Not so. All writers, whether scribing for books, blogs or whitepapers, know only too well that sometimes this just isn’t the case. Getting down to the physical act of writing can take a herculean force of will.

Distractions crowd in. Secondary objectives suddenly become appealing. Shall I place that grocery order? Read my email? Clear out my desk drawer? All of these suddenly seem more attractive than just logging on and starting to write.

How can we get ourselves to stop procrastinating and move straight to action?

I’ve just started a blog and recently finished writing my first book. Here are a few ideas that have worked for me:"

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Dan said...

Interesting to see an article like this. Thing is, it's been written to create backlinks to her book and blog. Pure SEO writing. Perhaps she should add that one to her list:

8. Do it for Google

Remember, you're competing to sell your product/book/website so write and submit or you'll be waaaay down the search engine pecking order.