04 March, 2008

"Europe holds key to movie success"

Irish Independent:

" Ireland needs to stop looking up to Britain and become more European if we are to shine on the international movie scene, according to the chief executive officer of the Irish Film Board.

The Film Board's Simon Perry said Ireland's old habit of depending on our British neighbours is holding us back from our own success.

In an interview with FilmIreland magazine, the CEO advised that we need to develop our own identity.

Said Perry: "If there is something I think I can identify as having hampered Irish cinema, it is its very close dependence on the UK.

"Right from the moment I came to the Film Board, I have been saying we have to look beyond this big island and instead to look at the continent and understand the opportunities there," he added.

"I hope Ireland can gain confidence -- confidence is the key word -- by feeling that if our European neighbours can make films that have a clear identity and have something new to say, and break new ground, then Ireland can join them." He said the dependence on the UK for distribution is also a problem.

"There is this wicked set-up in Ireland, the colonial relationship with the UK, which is abysmal, it is appalling and has kept Irish distribution poor for many years."

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