13 March, 2008

Bruntwood Playwriting Competition

The Bruntwood Playwriting Competition is a unique opportunity for anyone, aged 18 or over, to enter their original, full-length stageplay in a competition which aims to reward the best plays by writers across the country.

You can be anyone, of any experience, living anywhere in the UK and Ireland. You might never have written a play before. Or, you might have written lots. The key thing is, that entry is totally anonymous, so the competition is absolutely fair and inclusive to everyone.

The Bruntwood Playwriting Competition will offer awards of £15,000 as a First Prize and a following Second Prize of £10,000 and third prize of £7,500. There will also be a special Bruntwood prize of £5,000. This competition represents one the world’s biggest awards for playwriting.

We are delighted to announce that our judges will be; Brenda Blethyn (OBE, actor), Greg Hersov (Artistic Director, Royal Exchange Theatre), Roger Michell (theatre and film director), Michael Oglesby (DL Bruntwood, Sponsor), Michael Sheen (actor), Roy Williams (playwright), and Richard Wilson (actor and director) who will also chair the panel.

In addition to the prize money, it is our intention to produce the winning play or plays, and Nick Hern Books have agreed to publish the produced plays.

Deadline: Friday 13 June 2008


The competition site is really gorgeous and has a section on how to write a play along with tips from playwrights. Such professionalism gives you faith and enthusiasm that your efforts won't be a waste of time.

Although it's open to everyone, including professionals, don't let that put you off. Most of those professionals started by placing in a competition.

Most brilliantly of all, it's a three month deadline - but you're only allowed to submit one play. I could write ten in that time!

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