22 February, 2008

"Women writers still in minority"

The Associated Press:

"As Hollywood's striking scribes ventured out to their picket lines over the past two months, it's been plain to see — female writers are outnumbered by their male colleagues.

"I'm surprised when I see a woman on the picket line and I always wonder, Hmm, do I know her?'" said Sarah McLaughlin, who wrote for "That 70s Show." "If I don't know a woman writer personally, I know of them."

Women make up 27 percent of television writers and 19 percent of feature film writers, according to the most recent Guild membership report from 2005, according to figures supplied by the Writers Guild of America.

Writers attribute the scarcity of women in their midst to tokenism, a tradition of bawdy humour in the writers' room and the dearth of women in key managerial positions.

Others say women have made significant strides toward parity in recent years and feel increasingly comfortable working in a historically male-dominated field."

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