07 February, 2008

TV Forum North

Script Factory:

TV Forum North - Leeds
Thursday 28 & Friday 29 February 2008

After a successful pilot TV Forum in London in 2007, we're delighted to announce that Screen Yorkshire has invited us to present a two day training and networking event devoted to writing for the small screen (or even the plasma HD ready widescreen) in Leeds in 2008: TV Forum North.

While Film and Theatre require an audience to come to you, television uniquely reaches them right where they sit. If you’re serious about a career writing TV drama then spend two days with us finding out how to get your work into living rooms across the land.

Through a combination of training, guest speakers and panel discussions, TV Forum North aims to inspire participants to consider how their talents, ideas and aspirations may be suited to the wide range of TV drama opportunities, from soap writing to original single dramas or innovative sitcoms. Over two days, we aim to give screenwriters an essential overview of the current TV landscape coupled with the language, resources and industry knowledge required to further explore how to forge their own TV writing career.

The Programme
Both mornings of TV Forum North will be devoted to practical training sessions while afternoons are reserved for a range of industry guests - commissioners, script editors, series producers, and working TV writers – who will talk about their work and take your questions. (The final guest line up is currently being confirmed but includes keynote session from one of Brit TV's most successful writers, Kay Mellor, and a company focus on Red Productions (responsible for Queer As Folk, Casanova, The Mark Of Cain and countless other international TV hits).

The meat of TV Forum North will be four practical workshop sessions, each taught by Rob Ritchie, a regular Script Factory tutor who has extensive experience as a TV script editor and story consultant.

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