11 February, 2008

The Times Film School

I remember Empire magazine doing a brilliant in-depth film school in their pages, covering directing and acting, etc. I was expectantly waiting for the screenwriting edition but there wasn't one. I was too shocked to complain. Years later I still can't quite believe it.

Thankfully, The Times Film School, isn't ignoring screenwriters and is giving away five screenplays this week. It also has great screenwriting resources which include archived screenwriter interviews and the following new stuff:

10 tips for writing your own film

How do I become... a screenwriter?

William Nicholson article

David Hare on adapting The Hours

How John Hodge adapted Trainspotting

Sir Tom Stoppard on writing Shakespeare in Love

Lee Hall on writing Billy Elliot


Dan said...

There was a Screenwriting one in Empire. I'm 90% certain. Unless I'm confusing it with something in Total Film - as you do. I'll try and check, but I'm pretty sure they did one.

Lianne said...

ooh, thanks for the heads up on this Robin!