14 February, 2008

Romantic Ideas

Something on the following sites may spark ideas for a romantic screenplay (or may induce vomiting).

Romantic ideas

The big list of romantic ideas

Creative Romantic Ideas

Romantic Tips

Love, Dating and Romantic Ideas

9 Simple Romantic Ideas For Every Man

Romantic Valentine Ideas

101 Romantic Ideas (pdf)

Romantic Inspiration

50 Romantic Vacation Ideas

1000 creative date ideas and activities

Over 10,000 Creative Ideas & Expert Advice on Love, Dating & Romance


Lucy said...

Vomiting. Damn you.

Robin Kelly said...

Sorry, Luce. I hope Health and Safety don't do me for dangerous blog linkage.

Health & Safety said...

Consider yourself "done" Kelly. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You are thus sentenced to writing Moving Wallpaper for no money with a whip up your butt.

Robin Kelly said...

I'm slightly worried that the thing I'm bothered about with that punishment is the 'no money' bit. I might as well put a red light in my window.

a punter said...

Why don't you? I'm buying if you're selling...

Robin Kelly said...

Thanks for the encouragement, punter, the red light is now in the window.

I'll do absolutely anything - apparently.

a punter said...

I'll be over about 6. Wear a dress too and you'll get a bonus.

Robin Kelly said...

OK, but I'm going to have to rush to the shops to buy a dress. All I've got are skirts. See you later.

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