01 February, 2008

"Red Planet Prize Winner Chosen!"

" Joanna Leigh is the inaugural winner of the Red Planet Prize for her vivid story behind the creation of the first English dictionary 'Sam J'.

Tony Jordan says, "Joanna's script had everything the competition was trying to find, a unique voice, great characters and a remarkable story well told."

Though Joanna is the Prize winner, all the finalists set a very high standard, and over the next few days we will be offering some the chance for workshops and mentoring. We will also try to offer feedback to all finalists if required.

The Red Planet Prize will return this summer, so get writing!'



Simon Winstone
Head of Drama (Wales)
Red Planet Pictures "


Scriptwriting and Scriptreading in the UK



Broadcast has more information:

Joanna Leigh is a lexicographer from North Wales.

"40-year-old Leigh's winning script drew on her literary knowledge and love of language and reveals Dr Samuel Johnson's story of how he wrote and eventually printed his dictionary masterpiece.

She said: "Dr Johnson struggled as a hack writer for 18 years, overlooked and constantly in debt. I chose him as the subject for my script, because his struggle felt very familiar.

"I am thrilled to get a commission from Red Planet Pictures, I will learn so much, and can't wait to get started on the next stage of my career.''

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