13 February, 2008

Newish UK blogs!

It is the circle of life. As some blogs shrivel and snuff it, new stimulating ones spring up, to supplant them in the scribosphere; stretching towards the sunlight of superlative script submissions and sales. Salut!



Gotcha! You're Meme'd!

Movie books

See http://sheikspear.blogspot.com/

Rach said...

Thanks. I feel honored linked by the famous Robin.

I'll keep stretching for that sun. Just keep having a premonition some bloody big rabbit is going to come along and eat me.

Oh and Sheikspear got me too.

Dan said...

Cheers for the link Robin! I'll be sure to return the favour. Your blog was one of the screenwriterly ones that introduced me to the delights of blogging in general, so thanks for the inspiration.

I must say it was unexpected, as my blog doesn't really revolve around screenwriting -- like most of your links do. It's just personal musings on the media and TV/film reviews, usually.

But thanks anyway; much appreciated!

Robin Kelly said...

Rach - We all worry about the bloody big rabbits, we just need the myxomatosis of self-confidence to get rid of them. (I think I'd better stop there before Amnesty complain about me torturing metaphors and abusing alliteration.)

Dan - I think TV/film reviews are good for screenwriters to both read and write. While critical thinking means we may start seeing through something we used to love, it also means we start writing better scripts.