19 February, 2008

The Met Film School Skillset Writers' Training Scheme

Met Film School:

The Met Film School Skillset Writers' Training Scheme will support ten talented emerging writers to develop a first draft of a feature film script whilst supporting their creative and professional development through an intensive training programme. The initial six months will include 1:1 support from both a script supervisor and a producer and professional support, bespoke training courses, masterclasses, readings, workshops, and a series of placements designed to familiarize writers with working practice across the value chain of cinema from production to exploitation. Five of the writers will then be selected for a further six months of development support. The programme will be delivered by a proven partnership of producers, distributors and training providers with an existing track record of developing scripts and delivering this level and type of training. Additional training and placements will be provided by a range of organisations including Hollywood studios.

Participants will be paid competitive fees on commencement and on delivery of the treatment and each draft and set of revisions during both the first and second six months of the programme as well as receiving the benefit of the ongoing support and training. Participants must retain copyright in their projects for the duration of the first six months, and thereafter are free to assign rights to their projects if they so choose.

How To Apply

Please note that this is not an entry-level scheme and is aimed at writers who have already demonstrated truly exceptional promise within some level of industry environment. Accordingly, applicants must satisfy all of the following selection criteria:

  • Have had a screenplay commissioned or produced by a recognised film or television production company OR have written or directed an award-winning short film OR have agency representation.
  • Have completed at least 1 work - either a full length feature screenplay, a ½ hour television episode or a produced stage play
  • Be able to provide at least two references supporting their work from recognised industry professionals
  • Have demonstrable talent and experience

Please note that applications not meeting the above criteria will not be considered.

While both professional placements and training days will take place in London, applications from across the UK are strongly encouraged and support will be provided towards travel and accommodation expenses for regional applicants.

Applicants should apply by 5pm on Monday 10 March 2008

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