20 February, 2008

Adam Brooks, "Definitely Maybe", interview

Living the Romantic Comedy:

"...Once I started writing I no longer thought very much about other films or the rules of the genre, I really tried to write within myself, if that makes any sense.

When I teach screenwriting classes, I notice how quick students are to look for solutions outside themselves. They want hard and fast rules about when they should end the first act, how to structure the ‘b’ story, etc. etc. Okay, it’s a natural tendency, and writing is a scary, murky, stomach-churning process; but obsessing about rules is a distraction from the real work at hand.

It also ignores a basic truth - that storytelling is practically genetic - conflict, heroes and villains, cliffhangers, the three act structure, I really think they’re all embedded in our sub-conscious.

I don’t need to give Robert McKee a lot of my money to find out something I already know, if I just make the effort. Ask any parent who has told a bedtime story to their child."

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