11 January, 2008

Would an Enoch Powell play be staged?

Daily Telegraph:

"Why do so few of today's plays challenge the Left-liberal consensus? Dominic Cavendish talks politics with three artistic directors

'Where was the work that pinned down the way we live now, the state-of-the-nation play that would offer a distillation of life in Britain after 10 years of a Labour Government?"

Talking to Terrorists
Liberal instincts: the 2005 'verbatim’ theatre piece, Talking to Terrorists

I'm sure my colleague Charles Spencer has not been alone in wondering, as he surveyed the new writing crop of the past year in his 2007 round-up, why there has been such a striking "disconnect" between the drama on our stages and the issues affecting Britain's debt-saddled millions.

The mainstream media have tackled, day in day out, such headline concerns as violent crime and lenient sentencing, the failures and future of multiculturalism and the perception that human rights legislation leads to frequent breaches of common sense. What has British theatre got to say on these subjects?

These concerns have been bubbling away for a while, yet few have surfaced in a main-stage offering. "

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