16 January, 2008

Why We Write

"“Why do we write?”

"What led us to this rewarding and often soul-crushing line of work? The kind of job that from the outside seems easy and fun, but from the inside has proven to be… hard and fun. How did we get here?

Over the last six weeks we’ve finally found the time to pose this question to each other and to a lot of other writers. The answers we’ve received have been humorous, heartfelt, complete bullshit, you name it… but in their own way each answer has been inspirational. People we’ve known for years and people we’ve just met, Assistants and Staff Writers and Executive Producers, have shared with us the countless stories and divergent paths that somehow led each and every one of us to this same place in life: in our case, the Jimmy Stewart Gate at Universal.

So we had an idea. Then several ideas later, we had what we thought was a good idea: maybe all writers would be inspired by what we’ve been hearing. We’re facing a few long, cold holiday weeks without even the camaraderie of eating Luna Bars or the anticipation of who’s bringing their dogs to the picket lines to keep our minds occupied. As communication with each other winds down until the new year, we thought we could do our fellow writers a service by sharing with them what we’ve heard, and what we’ve learned, from asking our simple question: why do we write?"

Why We Write

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