04 January, 2008

Tracey Letts, playwright, interview

Chicago Sun-Times:

" Darren Cole, who produced ‘‘Killer Joe’’ at the Soho Playhouse off-Broadway, said Letts’ has an innate ability to reach the audience.

‘‘Plays usually have a plot that carries your interest throughout, or it has really great interesting characters, and it’s a character study,’’ he said. ‘‘But Tracy can do great character studies that happen to be involved in really terrific and interesting plots. It fires on all levels.’’

‘‘There is no drama without conflict. How one chooses to express that conflict is deeply personal and subjective,’’ Letts says. ‘‘I don’t know — nature versus nurture? Is it chemical? I don’t know what accounts for my own world view.’’

He says he watches his works obsessively until opening night, until he can’t identify them as his anymore. ‘‘It’s a very bizarre thing,’’ he says. ‘‘It’s hard when you write the next play, you think, ‘I can’t write a play — nobody can write a play,’ and you look at the plays published with your name and think, ‘Those really wrote themselves.’ ’’ "

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