13 January, 2008


My thoughts have turned to Spanish music because of the controversy over Eduardo Cruz's new video.

It's supposed to feature his sisters in lesbian incest when although it features Penelope and Monica, our Penny lip-locks with their actor mate
Mía Maestro not Monica. The real controversy is how so many millions of people were ready to believe something so preposterous. It's Penelope Cruz, people. Have some respect.

Eduardo Cruz - "Cosas Que Contar"


So that's OK, I suppose but I realised that in terms of Spanish music I've only really heard of Enrique Iglesias and there could be loads of other good artists out there. I found this Spanish music guide which should be helpful in my investigations.


Yes, I just called Enrique Iglesias, a good artist. I admit I'm a fan. (If having two albums out of eight counts as being a fan).

His dad has the reputation of being king of cheesy pop but his son really works hard not to follow in his footsteps and has crafted intelligent pop classics.

Look out for his brilliant appearance in US sitcom How I Met Your Mother when it airs on Trouble later in the year.

Enrique Iglesias - "Somebody's Me" (from "Insomniac")


Enrique Iglesias - "Love to See You Cry" (from "Escape")

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