06 January, 2008


"The best music you can find - for free - on the internet" -
Guardian article


Sound of 2008: The Top 10

"Some of the hottest new music talent has been highlighted in the BBC's Sound of 2008 poll, compiled using tips from critics and broadcasters."

This is the top ten:

1. Adele
2. Duffy
3. The Ting Tings
4. Glasvegas
5. Foals
6. Vampire Weekend
7. Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong
8. Black Kids
10. Santogold

Visit this webpage to listen to the tracks from the artists in full and find out more about them.


Here's Adele's excellent new single "Chasing Pavements":

This is "Hummer" by Foals, their first single from April last year:



Thanks for the heads up on the Beeb poll page, new music should always be sought out, especially live.
Have you seen/heard these guys?

Re: your feedback over on Lucys.

As a thanks for the encouragement there's something for your collection over at my blog...
Regards, Sheikspear

Robin Kelly said...

Sheiky, I had never heard of For Ramona but based on the demos, and the producers, I'm looking forward to the album.