29 January, 2008

"Soapbox: Elaine Romero"

The Playwrights' Center Blog:

"The greatest issue facing theatre has to do with a lack of funding leading to a lack of vision or a restriction of vision. In many ways, we playwrights find ourselves challenged to shrink our canvas, and we don’t always ask the questions that we need to ask or explore in the ways that we need to explore because we fear the economics of our art.

The people that I admire the most in the theatre are those who trust their own judgement. There is a lot of duplication of interest in terms of specific plays nowadays. I long for the presence of people who trust that when they read a play, they can know it’s good, even if they don’t know who wrote it. When I find that in an artistic director I have found someone I deeply admire. To me, they are the visionaries among us.

Some of the vision problem is economic: the co-production leads to duplication, but the co-production also keeps theatre alive, and helps to keep us afloat. It’s a double-edged sword. Yet, it’s really refreshing when someone can just read a play and know they like it and stand behind it without scores of other theatres being behind that play. There’s something really pure about that. "

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