18 January, 2008

Directors make deal


"The DGA’s reached a tentative three-year deal with the AMPTP with key advances in jurisdiction and payment for programming on the Internet.

“Two words describe this agreement -- groundbreaking and substantial,” said Gil Cates, chair of the DGA’s Negotiations Committee. “The gains in this contract for directors and their teams are extraordinary -- and there are no rollbacks of any kind.”

The was announced Thursday afternoon following six days of negotiations at AMPTP amid widespread expectations that the helmers would quickly reach an agreement with the majors. Deal, if ratified by the 13,500 DGA members, will take effect on July 1.

DGA touted a trio of new-media gains:

  • Establishing DGA jurisdiction over programs produced for distribution on the Internet;
  • Boosting the residuals formula for paid Internet downloads (electronic sell-through) by double the current rate;
  • And establishing residual rates for ad-supported streaming and use of clips on the Internet.

The DGA deal amps up the pressure from all sides on the leadership of the Writers Guild of America, which has been on strike since Nov. 5. Its last negotiations with the AMPTP collapsed on Dec. 7 with the congloms demanding that the guild drop six of its proposals."

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