03 January, 2008

Character Is More Than Just Witty Dialogue

Mark Hosack:

" In reality, a memorable character depends much more on the actor than it does the screenwriter. After all, a well-written screenplay is a lot of dialogue and a terse description of the action. A blue print for the movie. A well-written screenplay also devotes itself to conflict (plot) more than to a character’s emotions or quirks or dialect. The latter is the actor’s job. So how do you write compelling characters, and not just witty dialogue, within the limitations of a screenplay? By writing your character into telling situations. "


Lucy said...

Oh my god I love you Robin.

And this link is pretty good too.

Robin Kelly said...

Thanks Lucy, ditto.

I nearly put a disclaimer on the quote because I thought he was saying the actors create the characters but I eventually understood what he meant.

Andy said...

Cool link, thanks Robin.

You could almost argue that Character isn't witty dialogue at all...