04 December, 2007

Writers bring counter-offer to talks

Variety: "

Talks resumed yesterday after a four-day respite, and both writers and the AMPTP are anxious -- but few are optimistic.

Exactly one month after the strike began, Writers Guild of America leaders are expected to deliver a counteroffer, with a focus on new-media issues, in response to the offer the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers presented Thursday.

WGA West president Patric Verrone, speaking at a picket line Monday at Paramount, underscored the guild's displeasure with the AMPTP's proposal for a fixed $250 annual residual on streaming video for one-hour network dramas -- without any additional compensation for use -- compared with the current $20,000 figure for TV reruns.

"We have to get a better proposal on the table," he said. "

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