18 December, 2007

WGA Strike - Week Six Summary and Analysis

Script Enabler:

" Week six of the writers strike has concluded and I have some thoughts.

Next week the force majeur blood letting will begin. Most talent deals allow six weeks of suspended services due to an act of God before they can be terminated without penalty. I’ve always viewed this as the first of the unfortunate milestones the studios would let pass before any serious negotiations could begin.

I’m guessing that the next milestone would be the results of the February 2008 sweeps. By then, scripted shows will be gone and reality shows will be in heavy rotation. The third milestone will be if and when negotiations begin between the DGA and the AMPTP and we finally get a peek at the DGA’s demands and resolve.

NBC has quietly begun refunding television advertisers for under-performing in the ratings. What’s sad is that this fall season was supposed to be their ‘make goods’ from last year’s underperforming season. One can only guess where NBC’s ratings will go come January when they run out of scripted shows. "

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