15 December, 2007

WGA strike: of movements, moments, and the DGA endgame

Monsters and Critics:

" So the second round of WGA/AMPTP "talks" have failed, and the great Hollywood Shutdown of '07 will become the Shutdown of '08. Both sides are accusing the other of bad faith, at a minimum, or even deliberate deception.

Michael Winship, president of the WGA's eastern wing, sent out a letter to members with the first words being "they lie."

"They," of course, referring to the AMPTP.

The AMPTP, for its part, claims the writers have blindsided them, bringing up issues that are more cultural, than pragmatic. Indeed, the NY Times' ever-able Michael Cieply, in an interview with WGAw "prexy" Patric Verrone, reported that "during an interview in his office here, Mr. Verrone described the looming negotiations with employers as a confrontation much grander than a simple fight over pay formulas. This battle would be about respect. "

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