14 December, 2007

Hammer comes back from dead


" The recently revived Hammer Films will produce its first feature in three decades and distribute it via social networking site MySpace’s web TV arm.

Legendary Brit production company Hammer built its name on a string of genre pics released in the 1950s and 1960s under the Hammer House of Horror label.

The new pic “Beyond the Rave” will be released in 20-minute online webisodes on MySpace TV and then be made available in its entirety on DVD to buy or download.

The youth-skewed vampire story set in England’s underground rave party scene follows a hedonistic soldier in his quest to track down his missing girlfriend in the last 24 hours before he flies to Iraq.

Cast includes Sadie Frost (“Bram Stoker’s Dracula”), Jamie Dornan (“Marie-Antoinette”), Nora-Jane Noone (“The Descent”) and Tamer Hassan (“Layer Cake”).

Matthias Hoene directs. Ben Grass and Tom Grass of Pure Grass Films produce for Hammer.

“ ‘Beyond the Rave’ was inspired by Tom and my own experiences of raves: the great highs, and the demons that can lurk in the dark before dawn,” said Ben Grass.

Hammer’s latest resurrection came in May when it was bought a consortium led by Dutch producer John de Mol. "


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